OUR LITTLE NOODLES: The Stever Family Adoption

Welcome to our adoption journey. We are so blessed with our five daughters. Now we embark on the worldwide journey of a lifetime - adopting a special needs child. Please join us for this adventure!

Friday, October 23, 2009


We are the Stever Family. We consist of: Matthew & Kelli, Morgan, Alex, Avery, Kennedy, & McKinley. Oh, & our Golden Retreiver Bay. Matthew & Bay are the only males in a house full of estrogen! We have heard a calling to adopt. It is so strong that it is all we can talk about, think about and dream about. Our biological daughters' ages are: 21, 17, 4, 2, & 6 months. Now we have applied to adopt a child or children overseas - specifically Armenia - if things work out. They usually do not work out like we think, so we are trying to hand this over to God.

I have felt such an urgent call from God that I cannot even begin to explain the force. I have been estranged and away from God for a long time. Now I believe He is determined to make me listen! Everyone around us thinks we are crazy and does not understand our desire to adopt - especially since we wish to adopt a special needs child - preferably one with Down Syndrome. They are blown away!

Keep us in your prayers please! We need them so much!

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Christy said...

Hey Kelli! Looking forward to keeping up with your adoption process! :)