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Monday, March 1, 2010

Overwhelming Support from a Friend

I have had the privilege of meeting a wonderful mother online. We met by God's plan through blogs and email. We both have a heart burdened by an orphan known as "Corinna" in the Torez facility in the Ukraine. We also both love coffee and coffee creamer and both live in Alabama! Josette has been such a sweet special friend to me and she is going 100% on faith! We will meet some day soon, but until then, I want everyone who follows our story to realize what a faithful, generous woman she is.

She parted with several items that were very special to her. They held dear memories for her and could have been sold for numerous other better causes than ours. However, she chose to donate the proceeds to our family adoption. We have not even been matched with a particular child/children yet. But - she believes in our heart for adoption and stands beside us on this journey.

I will never be able to show you the extent of my gratitude, my dear friend. Please know that you and your family have become a part of our family - you are a part of our future child's life forever. May God continue to bless your family and keep you safe and happy. I hope that one day I can give to you some of what you have given to us! Maybe our families can share a meal & fellowship together in the near future! I love you!

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Josette said...

Other causes, but not better, my friend. I do look forward to us meeting and enjoying fellowship and coffee in person!

Quite a few years ago, I did a Bible study called Experiencing God:Knowing and Doing the Will of God. One of the key points was that God is always at work around us, that we should find out where He is already working and join Him. I so see His hand all over special needs adoption and know He will receive much glory in the communities where these special needs children are raised. So often I tell Him I want the billboard, the big sign. This time I didn't feel like I needed a house to fall on me to know what I should do.

Glad He introduced me to you, friend.