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Welcome to our adoption journey. We are so blessed with our five daughters. Now we embark on the worldwide journey of a lifetime - adopting a special needs child. Please join us for this adventure!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fundraising Mania!!!

In case you haven't heard, we are fundraising like crazy for our adoption of a special needs child/children from the Ukraine! I thought that I would list all of our links to these in one post today. These are all available on the left of our blog as well. We have:

Puzzle Fundraiser: $5 donation for a puzzle piece with your family name on the back

Adoption Bug T-shirts: 6 designs to choose from on our Stever Family page

Just Love Coffee Fundraiser: Variety of coffees & other items on our family page

Barefoot Books Fundraiser: Multicultural children's books from our adoption event page

We are also so blessed to part of the Kingdom Kids Fundraising/Grant Program! You may visit their website and make a tax-deductible donation to our adoption. Just go to Family Grant Donations and type "Matthew & Kelli Stever" in the Designation box.

Thank you for reading this post and sharing it with everyone you can! We have been so very blessed to have the support of our immediate family and close friends. We would be additionally honored, blessed & fortunate to have your help! Please prayerfully consider a donation to our family adoption and help us spread the word!

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