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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When God speaks, we need to move.

Everyday that we're blessed to wake up, we should be seeking to do all that God has called us to do. When God speaks, we need to move. When God speaks, He directs you in what you need which may go counter to what you want. God's need is always better than your want. God can and will speak to you through various means. God isn't limited in His communication method. Often times we want God to speak to us audibly but fail to listen when He speaks to us through those around us. God can use anybody and anything to speak to you.

As this adoption process moves along (we are cleared from our background checks!)I am becoming fearful of many things. Worried about funds, grant acceptance, people's opinions, time off work, leaving my children to travel, taking my baby along, etc.... I pray fervently for trust and faith in Him.


NDMom said...

Thank you for posting this. My husband and I are trying to discern God's will in our lives and are straining to hear his voice. I love what you said about God not being limited in His communication method. Perhaps we are not listening to the right method. :)

Praying for you too. Yes, it is a roller coaster of emotions. But try to focus on one thing at a time...all at once and it is overwhelming! You are doing great. Congrats on the background checks!

Tina Kacirek said...

If you are walking in the call of the Lord, he will bring you into new areas you have not been before. You will be tempted to question and doubt, but have NO fear because he will push back those winds meant to stall your journey...and whatever obstacle the enemy places, God walks right over. He will use those to your benefit. Do not worry about others thoughts as in time they will be ministered to through your love, commitment and grace. We face these same things. I understand whole heartedly, but I have learned that those worries are often nothing more than nuisances to distact me from joy and from hearing his still small voice that says- rest.... it is good. I will be praying for you- prayers for the funds to be released and peace in everything. Your heart is beautiful and what a special mommy you are. Thank you for sharing your heart. Tina

Josette said...

I often say I wish God would speak to me audibly, so there could be no missing it! Since he doesn't, we are required to draw close to hear His voice. I love your heart friend!

If your background check was as extensive as the one my husband recently underwent, whew! His company is working on a military contract; they asked questions about MY family that I didn't know the answer to! Glad to hear that's behind you.

Truly, I can only imagine all those variables, although I have spent time thinking about them all :) Praying for you every step of the way.