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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disappointed but not discouraged

When life has you down, you don't have to stay down. Learn from what went wrong and make up your mind to improve what you're working on or working towards. I read somewhere that with every disappointment you face, you're one-step closer to where you need to go. For every disappointment, God will make it up to you through His blessings. Isn't that powerful stuff? A friend once told me that every now and then, God has to withhold some things from us because He knows what's best. We may get upset and even question God about His decision, but God sees what ahead of us and has a way of preparing us to receive our blessings.

I love this positive way of thinking. God is all-knowing. He is preparing our path. We just get impatient and selfish and want things when, how, and where we want them! I am struggling with this right about now! I want funds to complete our home study and commit with our agency. I get so tired of waiting and not knowing how and fundraising! I want to bring home our beautiful babe now! BUT - God knows what He is doing. This is all making me stronger and introducing me to families that are facing the same hardships. They are truly worthy of God's favor - more so than I am.

So, I am praying for all the families that struggling to raise funds during this difficult time. I am praying that they will receive all the blessings that they so deserve.

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Stephanie said...

I totally understand about waiting for funds! I've done 7 of these so far and working on 3 more. All I can say is I've learned I had more patience than I thought I had. God WILL provide. He always does. Our tax refund will help a little w/ funds this year for our adoption. However, not near enough. Try a Chick-Filet night. We can't do it here but many locations do. Just take solace in the fact that you are not alone in these feelings. BTW, for our first set of children home, we did not have the money until the DAY before boarding the plane. No lie. Now that took some serious faith and hope. Best wishes on your journey. Stephanie-- www.10kidsin2010.blogspot.com