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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Passing Our Stories Along

A big thank you to our new web friend, Ali! It was so wonderful of you to include us and all of the following families on your blog. God bless you! Make sure to visit Ali's family blog at http://missionfielddesigns.com/mygodgivenmissionfield/
We are sharing these stories here as well:

Dawn is an adoptive mommy of two little girls from China, and is raising funds to bring home two more children from Ethiopia. She is selling handmade blankets and custom wooden growth charts in order to raise funds for their upcoming adoption. Her items would make wonderful Christmas gifts! Stop by her blog, and take a look!

The Langton Family is another family anxiously waiting to bring their child home. They have already been matched with a little boy name Alex. You can follow their journey of bringing Alex home on their blog. Like us, I am sure they are dreaming of the day when they will have their little Alex home with them. Their donation button can be found in their sidebar. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will get the Langton family one step closer to bringing their little boy home where he belongs.

I was very blessed to also visit the Sisemore’s family blog. Just as the Stever family has a heart for orphans with down syndrome, the Sisemore’s have a heart for orphans with cerebral palsy. They have one adopted child from China, and they are doing a bunch of other fund raisers so they can bring their little boy Jeremiah home from China as well. Jeremiah has cerebral palsy. You can take part in any of their fund raisers, and get them one more step closer to bringing Jeremiah home. Here are all the links you need to know about. Jeremiah’s Promise, tax deductible sponsorship, magazine fund raiser, and they are also selling coffee like us!
God has laid it upon the hearts of the Hodges family to pursue adoption. They too are going through the adoption journey. They were blessed with two biological children and are now praying that God will bless them with an adoptive child. You can follow the Hodges family as they do what they can to bring a child into their home. You can find their donation button in their sidebar.

Another family waiting to be united with their adoptive child, is the Calvaresi family. They are waiting, and raising funds so they can bring their little girl Ana-Sophia home. Ana-Sophia was diagnosed with developmental delays and autism. By sending a donation to the Calvaseri family, you are helping make it possible for them to bring Ana-Sophia home where she belongs. You can read their whole story, and leave a donation by visiting their site.

The Aus family is waiting to bring their son Chase home from China. They were blessed with two girls from China earlier, and now they are anxiously awaiting the day when they can add Chase to their family. You can follow their story, and even chip in a little toward Chase’s adoption by visiting their family blog.
The puzzle piece fund raiser, has been the most fun and rewarding fund raiser so far. We are not the only one’s doing it either! The Burgess family is also doing a puzzle piece fundraiser. Their puzzle is coming together really fast! They are doing an international adoption from China. You can donate through their chip in button, or you can make a tax deductible donation through Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministry. Just mention it’s a donation for Kevin and Karen Burgess’ adoption.

Adam, is an 11 year old boy in China, waiting for his family to pick him up. Beth and Mark are raising funds to be able to adopt this young man. It is very touching reading about their adoption journey, and the things they are doing to be able to scrape up the funds necessary to bring Adam home to them. You can help them to be able to afford their adoption by sending them a donation. By clicking their chip in button in their sidebar.

The Wibes family has two fund raisers going on so far. The are selling coffee through Just Love Coffee Roasters, and using onecause.com. Onecause.com (which I gotta look into for us!) is really neat! . You register and choose the national adoption foundation as the cause and then benefit crediting to babsie95@yahoo. com. Then you continue on with your online shopping like normal! Brilliant!

The Boettler’s are another family digging up financing. All of us families who are going down the adoption path, is familiar with bumps in the road. The Boettler’s have overcame obstacles, and are now waiting to be matched with a child from China! You can help the Boettler’s overcome the financial obstacle, by donating toward their adoption fund. Their chip in button can be found in their sidebar.

Taking in special needs children is a big undertaking. I was so inspired today by reading about the Boyd family. They have adopted 7 children from various places in Eastern Europe, and are now in a crunch trying to raise funds to bring home 3 more children waiting for them in Bulgaria. Their story is amazing!

These are just a small handful of families who have hearts for adoption. All of them are willing to go through this huge process, and spend all of their finances, in order to give a child a home. These children have the hope of having a forever family. There is no better way to support the orphans (James 1:27) than to help unite them with the families that are so desperate to reach them. Please consider helping some of these families!

Even if you are not able to donate to any of these families’ adoption funds, I do encourage you to at least stop by and read their stories. And if you are up to it, copy this blog post, and post it on your own blog! The more the word is spread the better. I pray that these families will be blessed.

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