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Friday, April 23, 2010

If you have a family, I would like to suggest you visit the blog above for a mixture of reality and Christian example.

Before we began this adoption journey last year, I was quite far away from my Lord. I mean, we are still searching for a "home church" where we may worship. We are not shining examples of steadfast Christianity - I was raised Catholic and my husband was raised a mixture of Baptist and Church of Christ. We both come from troubled backgrounds - whatever the heck that is! We are a "blended" family with children from my previous marriage. The list could go on and on I promise you.

BUT - If there is one thing that I can say about this adoption journey (and I can say several), it is that my Lord called me. He summoned me. And He summoned my husband as well. We had no choice but to follow. It is that simple. It did not matter what our Christian "status" was or where we were in life because He led us down the appropriate paths to find our way to Him. When I find a family like the Pattersons above, I feel like I have been electrocuted with His spirit! Even though I am suffering and praying for them, I am so glad that God placed them right in my path! This family is what it is all about my friends.

My heart has been so burdened by their story. Their beautiful adopted daughter from Serbia (Chrissie) has only been home for a short time. Now her parents must find the strength and courage and FAITH to allow her come home with them one day or go home to be with her Heavenly Father. The ultimate sacrifice - our children are not ours. We have the privilege and honor of carrying them in our wombs, flying to foreign lands to rescue them, raising them in our homes, and loving them unconditionally. But in the end, we are all God's children. We cannot control life or death. This is what the Patterson family has taught me.

I will continue to pray for Chrissie's heart, lungs and body in general. I will also pray for the Patterson family during this difficult time. They are a testament to parents' love for their children.

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